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How to use it


Can-Did can be used for open discussions or private messaging. Registering on the website is easy and takes no more than 1 minute. When you register you can do this as a supporter/believer, friend/relative, fighter or a survivor. You can create a profile and tell your story if you wish so. Once you have logged in you can comment on the blog posts, create posts yourself and start your own discussions or message another user privately. To start a new topic of discussion simply click on “+ New” in the upper toolbar when you are logged in and write whatever is on your mind. 

Use Can-Did to discuss with other users topics you are interested in, to get advice on problems you might have or to share tips for success. Can-Did was created to ease the flow of information through communication and to connect people who are or have been affected by cancer. Therefore, if you identify someone who could benefit from your help by hearing your experience or someone that could help you with their experience please do talk to them. Such relationships are priceless and can save lives!