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Who is it for


In one way or another everyone has been affected by cancer. Whether it was your neighbour that had it, your colleague or the shop owner down the road, chances are you know someone who has gone through it or whose relative/friend has. If that is as far as it goes, then consider yourself lucky. Feel free to join this website and share your ideas, believes and experiences. Feel free to support those who need your support or to unite with other equal minded people who believe that cancer can be beaten.

It sometimes happens we are affected more directly such as in those situations when a family member or really close friend has been diagnosed with cancer. These are the people that need you or needed you to hold their hands in their battle and to be there for them. Use Can-Did to share thoughts with other people like you and to exchange ideas of ways you could help the closest people around you and ways you can help yourself go with them through this.

If you are amongst those that have been diagnosed with cancer, then there’s good news: you are not alone. The number of success stories is high enough to ensure you that cancer is not stronger than us and can eventually be beaten. Please, use Can-Did to connect with those who have already been through the disease, who know everything there is to know about ways you might feel, options you have, problems you could encounter. Talk to them because they will understand you better than your mom, friend or doctor. They might share with you things you haven’t thought about or tips that helped them win the battle.

Finally, all of you who have managed to successfully fight the disease: you know what it was when you first heard the “verdict”, when you first told your family about it, when you thought what you could do and mainly when you were in the process of fighting. Please share this with those that don’t and try and make their battle a tiny bit easier by supporting them with your experiences and knowledge. This website was inspired by you. They CAN beat cancer just like you DID.