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Why was it created


Can-did was created to bring positive change. In October 2012 I was fortunate enough to attend a life-changing event: the global summit One Young World. The main message was that each one of us is able to help someone in need and start a positive initiative, no matter how small it looks. I left inspired to create something that would try to solve an issue I was seeing. In the past few years I increased my awareness of cancer. I had to really. After my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago I started to see more and more cases of people in her situation around me. Unfortunately, it is often situations like this that open your eyes. Three of my closest friends were affected by a close member of their family suffering from the disease. Due to the nature of the disease some of them survived, some of them did not. However, there is one common thing I noticed: the need to talk. The need to share information, experiences, pain and hope. The need to connect with someone who knows what you are talking about and who is going through something similar. The need to hear what to expect, how to fight and what the options are. In Bulgaria, where I am from, little information is given to patients when they are diagnosed with cancer. Sufferers and their relatives or friends that know little about the disease are often uncertain of what could be done. I was lucky to hear many stories of people who have successfully fought cancer. My grandma wasn’t. She had grown up with the belief that cancer is a terminal disease and that nothing could be done to survive. Not knowing anyone in her situation didn’t help either. This led to her psychological breakdown and eventually end. I want to prevent this happening to more people. I want to make sure that NOBODY goes through this alone and NOBODY gives up due to lack of information or uncertainty of ways to beat cancer. Hopefully this website will connect people, regardless of whether they are sufferers, survivors, supporters or just believers that cancer can be beaten.