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The Cancer Journey

Can-Did member Pam Evans shares with us the story of the book that she, Polly and Nick wrote on their experiences with cancer. The Cancer Journey is a book that gives the reader permission and tools to take control of their situation no matter where on the journey they are. Pam, Polly and Nick each experienced cancer in their own way and discovered different techniques of fighting the disease. They met and found out they had something in common – the desire to help others with information, which is not always readily available. The Cancer Journey book was written to share their experiences with those who need to hear how to walk the journey and make a difference to their health.




A shocking 2011 statistic is that 42 per cent* of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. And the moment we’re hit with the news the questions flood into our minds:  ‘What now?  Can I be cured? What treatment will I need? What are the side effects? Can I still work? How should I tell my loved ones? Who can I go to for help? ‘

All these questions – and others you won’t yet have thought of – are addressed in The Cancer Journey – Positive Steps to Help Yourself Heal , a book by three people who between them have had cancer a shocking eight times and who have been inspired to share their combined first-hand knowledge and experience to make others’ journeys easier.

The authors, Pam – a medical PhD, Polly – a holistic health expert and Nick – a journalist, provide the reader with a wealth of relevant practical advice, tips and resources from the things your doctors don’t or won’t tell you to coping with mental and emotional stress.  It’s full of useful information such as what you will need for your chemotherapy session, what foods will make you feel better while undergoing treatment, how to adapt your lifestyle now that you are a cancer survivor and, very importantly, how to deal with things like constipation and embarrassing side-effects!

It guides the reader through the overwhelming rollercoaster ride of emotions from coming to terms with your own reactions and feelings to how to tell your loved ones and how best to deal with their responses. And throughout this journey it gives the reader the very genuine empathy and insight that only people who have had cancer can give and the very strong and supportive message that you are not alone.

The book is intended to be a motivational and powerful guide that will be equally useful to the family and friends of those with cancer as well the patient.  It has a warm and compassionate style with light humour and the language is simple and conversational using words and phrases that every person will understand. Writing in bite-sized chunks, the authors want the reader to feel comforted and return to it time and time again.

Classical singing star and actress Katherine Jenkins, whose father was diagnosed with cancer when she was 15 says in her foreword; ‘This book is exactly what I needed then.  It’s the go-to handbook for anyone with a diagnosis or for the loved ones of someone with cancer.’

For further information: www.thecancerjourneybook.com

* Macmillan Cancer Support, July 2011

Foreword by Katherine Jenkins

When my father was diagnosed with cancer in 1995, I was 15 years old. I had so many questions to ask but didn’t want to upset my parents so kept them to myself. The only other person I knew who had had cancer was my best friend’s mum and as she had passed away only 6 months previously,  the last thing I thought she needed was to be explaining to me what was about to happen to my dad.

This book is exactly what I needed then. It’s the go-to handbook for anyone with a diagnosis or for the loved ones of someone with cancer. It tells you the things your doctor won’t, from what to wear on those dreaded chemo days and how to lessen the side effects, to how to boost your energy with superfoods, how to deal with the emotions of living with cancer as well as telling loved ones what NOT to say – allowing them to avoid embarrassing faux pas!

The advice in this book comes from Polly, Pam and Nick and is heartfelt, compassionate, thoughtful and above all, extremely useful. Polly has been a dear friend of mine for nearly 10 years. Her advice is always practical, precise, inspirational and comes from the heart. Having been through this themselves, they have been able to create a book which provides the reader with bite sized chunks of the things you need to know to help you conquer the ups and downs of the cancer journey.

My life has been touched by cancer several times now. I know how important and vital this information is and I strongly believe it is a must have for anyone affected by cancer.


By Pam Evans

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